Top Digital Marketing Trends for 2017

Top Digital Marketing Trends for 2017

At the dawn of 2017 many well-known publications from all over the world made their predictions for next year. Specifically for digital marketing we read some very interesting articles in media such as Forbes, AdWeek, Huffington Post, Entrepreneur etc.

The following lines are a quick look at the marketing trends to expect in the upcoming year, and why they’re on the rise:

Chatbots offer a new conversational experience

Chatbots opened a new stream for brands in their continuous attempt to come closer to the consumer-user. Adoption of chatbots by social media and messaging platforms was massive in 2016, enabling brands to create one to one engagement with the user. A chatbot never sleeps and is always ready to respond to customer queries, offering a new -real time and 24 hour- conversational experience to both parties, brands and individuals. Due to those key advantages everyone bets that adoption of chatbots will be more intense in 2017.

Augmented and Virtual Reality

VR headsets are in their way to become mainstream as companies like Sony, Oculus-Facebook, HTC launched really good products. In the same time, Pokemon Go, a first stage augmented reality game, showed us how dynamic can be this new technology. Both virtual reality and augmented reality offer immersive content. And its more than certain that big brands are exploring the field as they want to offer enriched and interactive experiences to the consumers. In 2016 we saw the first attempts as big brands like McDonalds jumped into Pokemon Go. In 2017 we expept to see many more similar efforts.

Influencer Marketing

People tend to trust recommendations from people they see as thought leaders. This is a common phenomenon worldwide and influencers have always been a leading element in marketing but in the last few years they tend to be one of the most effective ways to reach customers. As notes we must also consider the challenges that marketers face with bot fraud, ad blocking, social algorithms, things that are driving forces for the rise of influencer marketing. Finding the right influencer, which will increase the credibility of the brand and will create mouth to mouth buzz will be crucial for marketers.

Native and storytelling

Very similar forces to influencer marketing will drive also native and storytelling. According to recent reports native will explode in the next few years reaching 21 billions by 2018. Why is that? Because marketers seem to love native advertising as it fits organically and doesn’t disrupt user experience, a key factor that led to the rise of ad blocking.

Livestreaming video

Users love visual content and livestreaming video. Take a look at the popularity of YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and other visual platforms. The next level of visual content is livestreaming video as we saw that users embraced very quickly platforms such as Facebook Live, Twitter’s Periscope etc. As notes, thanks to faster Internet and the ubiquity of mobile devices, live video has become something of a trend on its own, with more and more apps and platforms giving some kind of “live streaming” functionality. As this type of live streaming goes mainstream, it will be essential for brands to adopt it and in 2017 we expect to see more brands to intergrate it in their digital strategy.

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