Mobile Adblocking is surging

Mobile Adblocking is surging

At least 615 million devices (desktop and mobile) were blocking ads on previous December, according to the new report of PageFair, “The state of the blocked web”. The report shows that adblock software is at a tipping point between desktop and mobile and the massive growth of smartphones in emerging markets has also led to mass adoption of such software. In terms of numbers, mobile adblock usage grew by 108 million devices (YoY), reaching 380 million at the end of 2016.

Large emerging markets are by fa the current driving force behind rapid growth in mobile adblock usage, as 94% of it is in Asia-Pacific. For example, in India, mobile adblock usage has expanded rapidly onto 59% of smartphones.

untitledIn North America or Europe the “picture” of mobile adblocking is completely deferent as no single solution has yet taken off in these regions. PageFair predicts that mass adoption in North America and Europe will continue organically, but may accelerate unexpectedly if manufacturers or distributors close deals to pre-configure adblock software. The ground of such a development is fertile, because of the large, existing audience of former desktop adblock users. For example, in West Europe percentage of desktop adblocking has reached 20%, while in North America is already 18%.

Worldwide, during 2016 desktop adblocking gained 34 million devices, reaching 238 million in total. But as the report notes, Adblock usage on desktop browsers continued to grow despite the decline in overall desktop usage.



Key drivers of adblocking adoption

According to the report, word of mouth and media attention contribute most to the awareness of adblock software. 37% of adblock users surveyed by PageFair responded that they had learned about the software from a friend or a colleague. Another 28% had learned from the Internet, news etc.

Key drivers of adblocking adoption vary but what is most important is that more than 70% of users responded that they have more than one reason to adopt adblock software. Fear of exposure to viruses and malware was the most popular answer (30%), followed by interruptive ad formats (29%) and slow website loading time (16%). PageFair notes the significant change for privacy’s importance in user’s choice to use adblock software. While it was a top concern for early adopters, it is less so for a mainstream audience.

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