Channel VAS: offering tailored fintech services for emerging markets

Channel VAS: offering tailored fintech services for emerging markets

The beautiful city of Marrakesh at Morocco hosted a few days ago a significant fintech event, CreditInfo Global Forum. The event offered a full agenda on the fintech space and attendees had the unique opportunity to connect and share ideas with fellow industry leaders and experts, meet new clients and partners.

As a leading player on this sector, Channel VAS had a “starring role” at the event, as our Chief Product Officer, Yiannis Benlachtar, shared our expertise on the field. In his speech, titled “All about Nano and Micro Loans” Mr Benlachtar emphasized on the different role fintech companies should play in emerging markets, since the majority of people lack formal banking. As he explained, in these markets fintech will work more like a catalyst (than a disruptor), “sparking the collaboration between banks, mobile network operators (MNO) and regulators”. As a result, Channel VAS “has helped millions of people to get on the digital and financial inclusion ladder by providing micro-loans and smartphone financing in a cost effective manner while unlocking new opportunities for banks and mobile operators”.

Operating in over 25 countries, most of them emerging, our services facilitate the everyday transactions of people, and especially in regions like Africa where the majority of the population remains unbanked. Through Big Data and cutting edge proprietary Analytics tools we are able to intervene with our services and fill the gap of technological and financial infrastructure of those regions through specialized proposals. Recent investment of Waha capital will give us the opportunity to strengthen our roadmap implementation for geographical expansion as well as enriching its portfolio of provided products and services.

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ChannelVAS is the premium developer of Mobile Value Added Services for Mobile Operators. We are an affiliate of Channel IT, Africa’s largest independent distributor of Mobile Network Infrastructure. With presence in more than 15 countries and a continuous expansion to new markets globally, ChannelVAS can cover a wide range of services, from Airtime Credit, and Mobile Financial Services to Advertising, Content and Marketing solutions.